California Historical Landmarks In Oakland

Twelve of the almost 1,100 state historical landmarks are located in Oakland.

    45.    Site of the College of California
              (NE corner of 13th and Franklin Sts) Go to map  Go to web page

  107.    Joaquin Miller Home
              (Joaquin Miller Park, NW corner of Joaquin Miller Rd and Sanborn Dr)
              Go to map  Go to web page

  299.    Camino of Rancho San Antonio
              (SW corner of Oakland and Santa Clara Aves) Go to map  Go to web page

  676.    Site of Saint Mary's College
              (3093 Broadway and Hawthorne Ave) Go to map  Go to web page

  694.    Church of St. James the Apostle
              (1540 12th Ave at Foothill Blvd) Go to map  Go to web page

  849.    Mills Hall
              (Mills College, 5000 MacArthur at Pierson St) Go to map  Go to web page

  884.    Paramount Theater
              (2025 Broadway, Oakland; plaque located at 475 21st St.) Go to map  Go to web page

  896.    First Unitarian Church of Oakland
              (685 14th St at Castro St) Go to map  Go to web page

  925.    Peralta Hacienda Site
              (2465 34th Ave and Paxton St) Go to map  Go to web page

  962.    Site of Blossom Rock Navigation Trees
              (Madrone Picnic Area, Thomas J Roberts Recreation Area, Redwood Regional Park,
                11500 Skyline Blvd) Go to map  Go to web page

  970.    Rainbow Trout Species Identified
              (50 yds past Redwood Gate entrance kiosk, Redwood Regional Park)
              Go to map   Go to web page

1027.    Pardee Home
              (672 11th St) Go to map  Go to web page

Locating The Historical Landmark Sites


  1. Go to MAP CENTER's Interactive Maps page
  2. Use the Find a landmark: Point of View
  3. Choose the landmark you wish to display
  4. Click on the Reference Map icon
  5. Locate the landmark symbol on the displayed map
  6. Once you have located the landmark symbol,
      6a. Click on the Identify Features tool
      6b. Click on the landmark sumbol
  7. A list of information about the landmark you have selected is displayed at the bottom of the map
  8. A link to the landmark web page will be displayed if you have selected the correct location
      (e.g., Landmark45, Landmark107, ... ...Landmark1027)
  9. Click on the link to display the web page
10. Click on the Interactive Maps icon on the bottom of your screen to return to Interactive Maps
      and continue to investigate Oakland's historical landmarks.

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