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Three of the teaching packets are especially suited to teaching mapping and geography concepts.

Map Adventures

This teaching packet is appropriate for grades K-3. Students will learn basic concepts for visualizing objects from different perspectives and how to understand and use maps. The lessons center on a story about a little girl named Nikki who visits an imaginary amusement park. Nikki goes up in an unplanned balloon ride that gives her, and the students, different views of the park.

What Do Maps Show?

This teaching packet is for grades 5-8 and is organized around geographic themes: location, place, relationships, movement, and regions. A map is a picture of a place. Different maps show different information. No one map can show everything. Students will compare shaded relief maps, road maps, and topographic maps.

Exploring Maps

Exploring Maps is an interdisciplinary set of materials on mapping for grades 7-12. Students will learn basic mapmaking and map-reading skills and will see how maps can answer fundamental geographic questions: "Where am I?" "What else is here?" "Where am I going?"

All three (3) teaching packets can be downloaded from the USGS web site.

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