How many maps have these sites created?

Every time you zoom, pan, identify a map feature, or switch the size or scale of a Map Center map, the internet map server creates another map for you. Here are the total number of maps that the OUSD internet map server has created since September 7, 1999:
School-Finder Maps
  Today: 36
  Average: 267
  Total for 6522 Days: 1743715
Reference Maps
  Today: 2
  Average: 145
  Total for 6522 Days: 943933
Knowledge Maps
  Today: 0
  Average: 4
  Total for 6522 Days: 26139

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where did the map data come from?
2. How do these interactive internet maps work?
3. Why doesn't Map Center mark the right house on the Air Photo when it finds my address?
4. How many maps have these sites created?
5. Why do Map Center maps have a different look and feel from other internet maps?

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