MAP CENTER - Students in Shades (SiS) - Mission 2

SiS Command has learned that a gang of space pirates has sent 5 robots to Oakland to look for places to hide their stolen treasure. A collection team was sent to a warehouse where they thought the robots were hiding. They found repair tools and extra power cells, but no robots.

They did find a small spiral notebook with 5 black and white drawings. The leader of the collection team asks you if you have any idea what they might mean.

You tell her that they look like Map Center's aerial photographs. The drawings could be the places where the pirates are supposed to pick up the robots.

You scan the drawings into the SiS computer and program it to check the Map Center aerial photo files for possible matches. The computer comes up with 25 possible matches. Your job is to check each possible pickup site against the drawings and identify the 5 spots where the robots are waiting to be picked up by the pirates.

Click on the notebook below to see the 5 drawings.

Click on the robot below for instructions for collecting the robots once you have identified a pickup spot.

Click on the computer below to begin checking the 25 possible pickup spots.

Check Out Notebook

Collecting The Robots

Possible Landing Sites

Source Of Graphics

Animation Factory

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