California State Board Of Education History-Social Science Standards

State standards for History-Social Science are available via the internet for grades 1-12. Model lessons are also available for all grade levels.

The standards and model lessons can be accessed from the following address:

The model lessons for grades K-3 all contain a component for studying the students' local geography. OUSD teachers may find MAP CENTER a useful tool for providing students with examples of maps based upon their school, neighborhood, and city.

Each of the web pages for geographic components of the course models listed below can be downloaded as Adobde pdf documents.

Kindergarten - What is A Map?

1st Grade - Expanding Children's Geographic World

2nd Grade - Expanding Map Skills from the Neighborhood to the World

3rd Grade - Exploring the Local Landscape

4th Grade - The Physical Setting: California and Beyond

7th Grade - Grade 7 Map Supplement

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