Where did the map data come from?

Following the Oakland Hills firestorm in October, 1991, the voters of the City of Oakland passed Bond Measure I to improve readiness for similar future emergencies. The City allocated part of Measure I money to build a comprehensive collection of spatial datasets suitable for use in a geographic information system (GIS). Jonathan Lowe of Local Knowledge Consulting managed the GIS team in the data conversion of over 100 layers. F. Michael Smith was the visionary Director of Data Resource Management.

To investigate the details of each layer's data conversion, visit the online metadata records. Metadata is "data about data" and describes a dataset's source history, size, quality, update frequency, and numerous other details.

School-related data is the responsibility of the Oakland Unified School District's (OUSD) Technology Services Department. At this time, OUSD does not provide online metadata for their GIS datasets. However, if you have specific data questions, please contact the Technology Services GIS staff via email.

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1. Where did the map data come from?
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