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A. Sites Related To Mapping and Geography

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Mapping Page
Interactive maps, resources for teachers and students (activities for K-3, 4-8, 7-12 graders), publications list, and links to other mapping and geography related sites.

Google Maps
Interactive USA map with search, zoom and pan functions. Full color satellite and aerial image views are also available. Driving directions display the map with the route highlighted and a textual description of the route. Searches for businesses are also available. A tour of Google Maps is available at Explore Google Maps.

Atlapedia online
Full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Produced by the Latimer Clarke Corportation.

The Greatest Places
Multimedia presentations and activities related to the Amazon, Greenland, Iguazu, Madagascar, Namib, Okavango, and Tibet. Produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota. QuickTime plugin required.

Earth observatory
Explore with NASA scientists the causes and effects of climatic and environmental change through the use of real satellite data. Requires QuickTime version 3.0 plugin. Contact and reading level geared to high school students and adults.

National Geographic for Kids
Articles, Cartoon Factory, GeoBee Challenge geography multiple choice quiz, Xpeditions maps, message board for educators, interactive learning museum, U.S. Geography Standards, Lesson Plans for Teachers.

My Wonderful World
National Geographic campaign to promote geographic awareness to K-12 students. Resources for parents, educators, and students including activities, a BLOG, and newsletters.

National Atlas home page
This website provides access to the web based National Atlas of North America. The site has an interactive map function, printable fixed format maps, dynamic thematic maps, online ordering of wall sized maps, articles on the topics covered by the layers of the interactive map, and GIS data which can be downloaded at no cost.

Information Center for the Environment (ICE), UC Davis
Static and interactive maps along with articles related to geography and ecology.

Homework Help From Geography
Links to geographic information and map sites of use to students.

Interactive world atlas with information on local time as well as sunrise and sunset times in several hundred cities, and a database of public holidays worldwide.

The Geography Site
A comprehensive site exploring Geography, with online lessons, revision sheets, and easy to read information about the geography topics you cover at school.

GSA Free Teacher Resources
Geographic Society of America links and resources for K-12 teachers.

Interactive maps, driving directions, road trip planner, and yellow pages. Reference maps and aerial photos can be displayed. The map tools are very similar to those used in MAP CENTER.

JetPunk Geography Quizzes
Wide selection of interactive geography quizzes (e.g., country and state names, skylines, satellite images).

B. Sites Related To Oakland

Dunsmuir House & Gardens
Jack London Square
Oakland Museum
Oakland Zoo
Woodminster Amphitheater

City Government & Services
Official City Website
Public Libraries

Professional Sports
Golden State Warriors
Oakland Athletics
Oakland Raiders

AC Transit
Greyhound Bus Lines
Oakland International Airport
San Francisco Bay Area Transit Information

Web Area Guides
Area Guide Oakland

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